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Being entitled as the “Happiest country in the world” for the fifth consecutive year, Finland has become an epitome for the entire world in terms of its brilliant education system, excellent health care services, work-life balance and most importantly; high sense of freedom and equality. Not limited to only these, Finland secures top-notch positions in environmental sustainability, support to the start-up ecosystem and in ease of doing businesses. With all these competitive advantages, we constantly hear the news of having a labour shortage in Finland. A report published by the Chamber of Commerce (2021) has stated that Finland is experiencing severe shortage of workforce and companies are struggling to fill the vacant positions. Further, an article published by Helsinki times (2021) mentioned that “almost three-quarters of Finnish firms are affected by labour shortage.”

The world is a global market. Every country is competing as well as collaborating with one another to achieve economic prosperity, excellence and growth. It is said that “People are the real wealth of a nation.” A country could only achieve its maximum potential when they have sufficient, well-educated and diverse workforce. This is one of the main reasons why China and America have been able to become global superpower nations. Data shows that most of the Finland’s population is ageing (65+), and Finland is in real need of foreign immigrants. Reports have shown that Finland lacks manpower in the service sector, health sector and Information technology sector. The Finnish government is well aware of this situation, and they are implementing “talent boost” programmes to attract foreign skilled immigrants. Many IT companies and health care institutions are hiring people from different nations such as the Philippines, India, and Vietnam to fulfil their labour shortage. Though Finland is a peaceful nation with outstanding social service, immigrants find it hard to fit-in to the Finnish society and culture. Once the job offer is accepted, the foreign nationals now feel the tensions that they have to go through to get into and settle in Finland. From waiting months to get the residence permit to opening a bank account to finding a suitable apartment, the whole process becomes too overwhelming and complex. That’s why it is highly essential to offer relocation services to the skilled immigrants to offer seamless integration experience.

Relocation service has become one of the most important services when relocating to a foreign country. Through this service, the expats find integrating into a new society easy and effortless, which otherwise would be a hectic process. Relocation services will help expats in gathering the required documents to apply for residence permits, performing apartment searches, obtaining Finnish-ID, opening of Bank accounts, registration in the tax system and registration in the KELA (social security) system. Further, necessary assistance can be provided to the children and spouses such as enrolment to the school, language classes and arrangement of allowances.

Having chatted with lots of international immigrants, we have heard them express their dissatisfaction and complaints, particularly regarding the delays in receiving decisions on residence permits, opening bank accounts, receiving social security numbers, and registering their addresses. Companies, on the other hand, have hard times relocating employees as well. They lack proper plans, strategies and connections to make the on-boarding of the employees’ smoother, causing them more time and monetary loss. It somehow hinders organizational efficiency, and it has been seen that both expats and companies do not have good experiences while relocating.

Thus, to provide a smooth and easy-going experience to both expats and local companies, we at Digipool are offering relocation services to our customers. Having years of expertise in the Recruitment industry, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the local job market has changed. We should focus on being competitive and at the same-time more diverse. This way new ideas will be welcomed, and we could contribute to the burning labour shortage problems in Finland.

Our comprehensive relocation package is super affordable and one of the best that you will find on the market. Benefitting both companies and expats, we strongly believe our relocation service can be of great assistance to our clients on finding the best candidate and giving them the best relocation service possible.