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Helping Businesses IN their Digital Growth

– with right professionals in right positions the businesses can grow. Digipool is the right partner to find the right talent, both locally and globally. 

Helping Digital Business Professionals with their next career move

– even though we are contacting potential candidates based on the assignments from our clients, the communication is based on discussions with the candidates. We like to know how they see their career path and what the next step might be.


“Sain keväällä 2021 puhelun Digipoolilta. En ollut aikeissa vaihtaa uuteen työpaikkaan mutta olin utelias kuulemaan toimenkuvasta, joka vaikuttaisi sopivan minulle hyvin. Kävimme useampia keskusteluja ja kartoitin työssä menestymisen potentiaalia ja pääsinkin yritykseen haastatteluun. Kaikki kävi yllättävän nopeasti ja solmin jo kesäkuussa uuden työsopimuksen. Elokuussa alkoi mielenkiintoiset uudet haasteet ja minä ja yritys olemme olleet tyytyväisiä.”


“Digipool lähestyi minua, ja esitteli kiinnostavan auki olevan tehtävän omalta alaltani. Kiinnostuin heti, ja kun prosessi eteni haastatteluvaiheeseen, Digipoolilta informoitiin minua välittömästi. Sain selkeät ohjeet jatkotoimenpiteisiin ja minulla tuli olo, että rekrytoinnin langat ovat hyvissä käsissä. Rekrytointiprosessi oli kaikenkaikkiaan sujuva ja Digipoolin henkilöstö toimi ammattimaisesti. Kokonaisuudesta jäi hyvä fiilis!”


For candidates

Finding the right job can be a tedious endeavour, especially if your knowledge and/or resources are limited to public job advertisements, which govern a tiny fraction of channels in the job market. With our services like Direct search and Headhunting, you aren’t sanctioned to opportunities that are only publicly available, but are pooled into job openings from all channels of the job market. 

Digipool’s extensive network has an array of clients including, but not limited to, companies who would choose to maintain their privacy whilst in the middle of their recruiting. By continuously using the Digipool network alongside our AI-powered modules, the searching capabilities provide better results in matching the right talent with  opportunities.

We take pride in providing exceptional service and ensuring that our clients & talents have a successful recruitment process. Join us in our Digipool talent pool and gain the benefits of our network. For private person discussions and job search through us are always with no charge.

For employers

In most of our cases, to reach the best results we use Direct Search instead of the traditional job advertisements. With Direct Search, our professionals seek out for just the right profiles with the help of our data science and vast international network. With our constantly growing talent pool, our searches lead to faster results.

We tailor each case to fit the client’s needs and plan the recruitment process so that it meets your projected deadline. We serve both large international companies and technology start-ups.

To match your needs and exceed any expectation, Digipool services include (but are not limited to): outsourcing project managers and recruitment consultants for your short-term needs; we can also find a suitable freelancer for your coding project or even a whole team working remotely from abroad. And because the right experts are an integral part of growth and internationalization, we can also help relocating from anywhere in the world.


We allways tailor our service to suit our client’s needs, schedule and budget. Let’s start by planning and we will find the right way to find the right talent.

If possible we personally visit your company and we try our best to know you and your team to be able to represent your organization.

In most of cases Direct Search is the most efficient way to screen the potential ones out masses.